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Brothers Sports Club Delivers Field Irrigation

In a combined effort from Brothers Sports Club, Bundaberg Brothers Bulldogs AFC and Brothers United Softball, a much needed field irrigation project has been completed in 2022.The newest 85 sprinkler installation sees all Brothers fields covered by an automated watering system, controlled by mobile phone and PC, from offsite if required. Watering is conducted at optimal times of the day and amounts. The new system even uses radar detection to automatically cancel watering if rain is expected.

Brothers Sports Club was proud to contribute over $40,000 to the project, and work with Brothers Bulldogs and Brothers United to successfully apply for $70,000 in sporting grants. The money has certainly been put to good use.

The newest irrigation installation positively affects the training and playing surface utilised by Brothers Bulldogs, Brothers United, Brothers Aston Villa FC, Brothers Social Touch Football Association and Brothers Cricket Club plus other community groups utilising our fields. We look forward to providing lush green playing surfaces for years to come.